Vet-Adom operates in Gush Dan only.

Vet-Adom operates in Gush Dan only.

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About us

Vet-Adom was established in France and has been in business for over 40 years. We specialize in providing Emergency care at home. We work with highly trained professional veterinarians. Vet Adom provides a unique service to pet owners and local veterinarians by providing a service during ‘off hours’ such as nights, weekends, shabbat and holidays.

What is important to us:
• Treat emergencies professionally.
• Reassure the owner and give him instructions at all times.
• Work hand in hand with the animal’s fixe veterinarian.
• Treat and relieve the animal’s pain.
• Be transparent – by writing a medical report after the consultation for the owner of the animal and for the fixed veterinarian.
• Work in accordance with professional ethics.


וטרינר חירום ראשון לציון

Frederic Cherbite

Founder of Vet Adom, Israel

Frederic Cherbite hails from Paris, France and he immigrated to Israel some 30 years ago. Following his army service as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces, he went on to direct several educational and social welfare organizations, Frederic, together with his family, have raised three guide dog puppies of the Israel Guide Dog Center. During this project, Frederic understood the need for emergency medical care for pets at home and he made contact with the French company, VETOADOM, that specializes in emergency veterinary services at home and together they established VET-ADOM Israel.

וטרינר חירום בת ים

Aaron Kern

Founder of Vet Adom, Israel

Dr Aaron Kern graduated from the École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort in France in 1980. He arrived in Israel with strong professional experience in the field of veterinary emergency at home. Aaron has developed an extremely efficient system of phone regulation in order to qualify the different emergencies and send our veterinarians to care for animals at home when veterinary clinics are closed.